Little Nightmares

What a delightful, frightening treat playing this game is.

When I saw the title, I told myself I am going be able to live my nightmares through a video game, and for a large part I did. Little Nightmares in ways reminds me of Inside and Limbo, but still different. The designs of the characters and setting are detailed, so it is easy for me to immerse myself in the dark, creepy environment. There is a hint of comedy in the villains (I think).  Each boss is unique to the other, and the setting changes readily enough to keep me compelled and excited for the experience in the next area.

The story I feel is mysterious and well-thought out. However, some players may find the campaign to be rather brief, which may leave players begging for more. But not to worry, as there is already a DLC out, where players can play another frightening adventure through the perspective of another character.

The world is as mysterious as the protagonist. Am I venturing through a world of giants, or am I simply tiny? What am I? The protagonists, whose identity is hidden under a baggy hood, moves through familiar environments with furniture, beds, ventilation vents, etc that are filled with none other than little nightmares; feeding off rats and other things I will leave for players to see adds to the excitement (no spoilers!) I feel the game is meant to make players wonder who, exactly, is the main character? What is he/she attempting to do besides escape the nightmares acting as obstacles? Also, where is he/she?

I suggest playing this game and finding out for yourself, because you are in for a nightmarish treat.

I embedded a video below with some of my game play as a brief demonstration:




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